Tailgate Culture: LSU Tigers

August 21st, 2023

Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, LA

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We aren’t here to speculate on who tailgates the best, but to celebrate each region’s traditions, food, rituals and camaraderie.

From the costumes, French-creole food, and the sea of Purple and Gold, Baton Rouge’s Louisiana State University Tigers are responsible for one of the more eye-catching, unique and flavorful tailgate events one can participate in. Many college teams have parades for pep rallies, but no one does parades like Louisiana, and they spare no effort when it comes to parades for Tiger Football, especially in victory, as seen after their 2019 National Championship win.

From the “Brylcreem Boys” to the “Burrow Boys”, LSU fans saw over 60 years pass between Heisman Trophy winners, but the enthusiasm and support has never faltered for the boys in Purple and Gold. Joe Burrow, a.k.a. Jeaux Burreaux, with the help of the likes of Jamaar Chase and Rashard Lawrence, won the National Championship for LSU in 2019, their first win since 2007, when they defeated a formidable Ohio State team 38-24.

The fall weather in Louisiana can be tumultuous as Tropical Storm season grinds to a halt, but that usually leads way to some very pleasant temperatures and conditions for the remainder of the football season. LSU fans from all over the country will flock to Tiger Stadium to see the Tigers take on some of the nation’s best programs and participate and contribute to the robust tailgate festivities before and after the Tigers take the field.

Whether you’re an LSU alumnus, a resident of the great state, or like to root on the Purple and Gold because of the rich tradition of winning, being a part of the tailgate festivities is an important part of the experience of college football in Baton Rouge.

Box Self Storage "Self-Storage Solutions" Blog Series