Welcome to Box Self Storage: Your Guide to Self Storage in Kansas

What Size Storage Units are Available to Rent in Kansas?

When it comes to self storage, selecting the right unit size is essential. At Box Self Storage Units, we offer a wide range of unit sizes to cater to your unique storage requirements. Here are some common storage unit sizes available for rent in Kansas:

Small Storage Units

These are ideal for storing boxes, small furniture items, and seasonal belongings. Small units typically range from 5x5 to 5x10 feet.

Medium Storage Units

If you need to store the contents of a one-bedroom apartment or a small two-bedroom home, medium-sized units, typically measuring 10x10 to 10x15 feet, should suffice.

Large Storage Units

For those with the possessions of a three-bedroom home or larger, large storage units ranging from 10x20 to 10x30 feet are readily available.

Climate-Controlled Units

If you possess items sensitive to temperature and humidity variations, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit to safeguard your belongings.

Is Renting Self Storage in Kansas Safe?

Safety and security are paramount considerations when choosing a self storage facility. At Box Self Storage Units, your peace of mind is our top priority. Our facilities offer an array of security features, including:

24/7 Surveillance

State-of-the-art security cameras constantly monitor our facilities, ensuring the safety of your stored items.

Secure Access

Our facilities are equipped with access control systems, featuring gated entry, key code access, and dependable locks to protect your stored belongings.

Well-Lit Premises

Adequate lighting throughout our facilities ensures added safety and convenience for customers visiting their storage units.

On-Site Staff

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are readily available during business hours to assist you with any concerns or questions.

Should I Rent a Climate Control Unit in Kansas?

Kansas experiences a diverse range of weather conditions, from hot and humid summers to cold and dry winters. If you plan to store items that are sensitive to temperature and humidity variations, opting for a climate-controlled storage unit is a prudent choice. Here are some items that greatly benefit from climate-controlled storage:


Protect your valuable electronic devices from extreme temperatures that can damage sensitive components.

Wooden Furniture

Prevent warping, cracking, and mold growth on your wooden furniture by maintaining stable temperature and humidity levels.

Important Documents

Preserve the integrity of your paper documents, preventing deterioration due to humidity or excessive dryness.

Delicate Antiques

Ensure the longevity of your cherished antiques by providing them with a stable storage environment.

History of the State of Kansas

Before we delve deeper into the world of self storage in Kansas, let's explore the rich and captivating history of this state. Kansas, often referred to as the "Sunflower State," has a storied past that has profoundly influenced its identity. The history of Kansas is marked by several significant events and periods:

Native Americans

The region that is now Kansas was originally inhabited by various Native American tribes, including the Kansa, Osage, and Pawnee.

Bleeding Kansas

Kansas played a pivotal role in the lead-up to the Civil War, with the controversial debate over slavery earning the state its "Bleeding Kansas" moniker.

Homestead Act

The Homestead Act of 1862 encouraged settlers to move to Kansas, offering 160 acres of land to anyone who could develop and improve it, further populating the region.

Wild West

Kansas was a prominent hub for Wild West legends, with iconic figures like Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and the famous Dodge City etching their names into history.

The Capital of Kansas

To make the most of your time in Kansas, it is essential to become acquainted with its capital city. The capital of Kansas is Topeka, a city steeped in history and culture, offering a variety of attractions and points of interest. When visiting Topeka, consider exploring:

Kansas State Capitol

This historic building, completed in 1903, is not only an architectural marvel but also serves as the seat of government for the state of Kansas. Take a tour to admire its impressive design and learn about the state's legislative history.

Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site

Topeka played a crucial role in the civil rights movement, and this site commemorates the landmark Supreme Court case that desegregated American schools. It's a significant place to reflect on the struggle for equality and justice in the United States.

The Combat Air Museum

For aviation enthusiasts, the museum showcases an extensive collection of aircraft and aviation memorabilia, offering an intriguing glimpse into the world of aviation and military history.

What is the Housing Market Like in Kansas?

Whether you are considering moving to Kansas or are already a resident, understanding the local housing market is pivotal in your decision-making process. Kansas offers a diverse range of housing options, including single-family homes, apartments, and townhouses. The housing market in Kansas is characterized by the following key features:


Kansas is renowned for its affordable housing options, making it an attractive choice for first-time homebuyers, families, and individuals looking for cost-effective living arrangements.

Stable Prices

Home prices in Kansas tend to remain stable, with gradual increases over time, providing a sense of security to homeowners and investors.

Urban and Rural Living

In Kansas, you have the flexibility to choose between the bustling urban life of cities like Wichita, Topeka, or Kansas City, or the peaceful charm of rural areas, allowing you to tailor your living situation to your preferences.

Rental Market

If you prefer renting, Kansas offers a plethora of rental properties throughout the state, catering to different budgets and lifestyles.

Who are the Major Employers in Kansas?

Employment opportunities play a pivotal role in deciding where to reside in Kansas. The state boasts a diverse job market, with several major employers spanning various industries. Some of the top employers in Kansas include:

The University of Kansas

As a major player in the education sector, the University of Kansas, located in Lawrence, offers a significant number of employment opportunities in academia, research, and administrative roles.

Koch Industries

Based in Wichita, Koch Industries is a multinational corporation engaged in various industries, including manufacturing and energy. It is a major contributor to the state's economy and workforce.

Spirit AeroSystems

Located in Wichita, Spirit AeroSystems is a key player in the aerospace industry, providing a substantial number of jobs and contributing to the state's technological advancement.


With its headquarters in Overland Park, Sprint is a significant player in the telecommunications industry, offering various employment opportunities in the field of telecommunications and technology.


Cargill, a global food corporation, has a substantial presence in Wichita, creating employment opportunities in the agribusiness sector, including food processing, agriculture, and distribution.

What are the Best Cities to Live in Kansas?

Kansas offers a diverse array of cities, each with its own unique charm and lifestyle. Let's explore a few of the best cities to live in, including Junction City and Manhattan:


As the largest city in Kansas, Wichita boasts a thriving urban atmosphere, a diverse economy, and a vibrant arts and culture scene. It's a hub of opportunity for individuals seeking a dynamic city life.


Serving as the capital city, Topeka combines urban amenities with historical significance. It's a place where you can enjoy a blend of modern living and a strong sense of community and history.

Overland Park

Located in the Kansas City metropolitan area, Overland Park is renowned for its excellent schools, beautiful parks, and a growing job market. It's an attractive destination for families seeking a high quality of life.

Junction City

Home to Fort Riley, Junction City offers a welcoming and close-knit community, with a strong military presence. It's an ideal location for those connected to the armed forces and those who appreciate a supportive environment.


Known as the "Little Apple," Manhattan offers a lively downtown area, picturesque parks, and is home to Kansas State University, making it an energetic and intellectually stimulating city.

What are the Major Universities in Kansas?

Kansas is home to several prominent universities, offering a diverse array of educational opportunities. Some of the major universities in the state include:

The University of Kansas

Located in Lawrence, this university is known for its strong academic programs and vibrant campus life. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Kansas State University

Based in Manhattan, this institution is renowned for its agricultural and engineering programs. It provides students with access to cutting-edge research and an array of academic choices.

Wichita State University

With a focus on innovation and technology, Wichita State University is a hub for research, engineering, and entrepreneurship, offering a wealth of educational options and hands-on experience.

Emporia State University

Known for its education and business programs, Emporia State University equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for various careers, with a special emphasis on teacher education and business management.

Moving to Kansas, so it begins

Whether you are a long-time resident of Kansas or are just embarking on the journey of moving to this wonderful state, we trust that this guide has provided you with valuable insights into self storage options, the state's history, major employers, housing market conditions, and the best cities to call home. The adventure of moving to Kansas, or optimizing your self storage experience in the state, is a journey we are eager to support. At Box Self Storage Units, we are dedicated to offering secure and convenient self storage solutions that make your transition to Kansas as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or require assistance with your self storage needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We look forward to being your trusted partner in your Kansas adventure. Welcome to the Sunflower State!