Climate-Controlled Storage in Downtown Cincinnati, OH

Many materials benefit from the extra protection provided by climate-controlled self storage units. At Box Self Storage Units, our storage units are kept between 55 and 80 degrees, with limited humidity, helping to preserve your delicate possessions. Regulating the temperature and humidity levels in each of our storage units also helps make your visit more comfortable. No matter what the weather is doing outside, you will appreciate the mild temperature in your Box Self Storage Units location.

The Best Protection for Your Favorite Things

Not only is climate-controlled storage ideal for delicate materials like wood, which can crack and split with the changing of the seasons, climate-controlled storage is also great for legal papers, photographs, blankets, and even vinyl records. All of these things are susceptible to warping and other moisture-related damage. Climate-controlled storage is also great for delicate electronics like computers and stereo equipment, helping protect your investment into the future.

For more information about climate-controlled storage, or any of the other features at Box Self Storage Units, call our friendly staff today.