Climate-controlled storage at Box Self Storage Units in Loveland, Ohio

Why Climate Control?

Climate-controlled storage offers an extra level of protection for your more delicate belongings. By keeping the temperature between 55 and 80 degrees and limiting humidity, the Loveland, OH, storage units at Box Self Storage Units helps keep your belongings in the best possible condition. Regulating the temperature doesn’t just protect the items in your storage unit. It also makes for a more enjoyable visit, so whether it’s 20 degrees outside or 100, you’re always comfortable when you stop by.

Relax. We’ve Got This.

In addition to fragile wood items like antique furniture, climate-controlled storage is ideal for things like legal papers that must be stored for several years, prized photographs, artwork, or heirloom blankets. Delicate electronics like computers and stereo equipment can also be damaged by humidity and heat and will benefit from climate-controlled storage. Upholstery, too, should last longer in the ideal conditions offered by our climate-controlled units. 

For more information about climate-controlled storage, or any of the other features at Box Self Storage Units, call our friendly staff today.